Frequently Asked Questions
Instant Gift Certificate Demo

  1. How much do you charge each month?
    We charge a flat monthly fee of only $9.95.

  2. What percentage of my sales do you take?
    None! You keep the all of the money from your gift certificate sales.

  3. How do I receive credit card payments for my gift certificate sales?
    SnapCerts collects, encrypts and securely stores your customer's payment information when a purchase is made. The system instantly alerts you by email whenever an order is received, at which time you can log into your secure SnapCerts management console, retrieve the credit card details, and process the payment through your in-house POS system.

  4. Can I process my credit card payments in real-time?
    Yes, provided that you have an internet merchant account through the processing gateway. SnapCerts currently supports only due to its vast popularity but will be adding additional gateway providers in the near future.

  5. Can I accept PayPal payments as well as credit cards?
    Yes. You may turn on the PayPal option in your management console at any time. This will give your customers the choice of paying by credit card or PayPal. You can even turn off credit card payments and accept only PayPal if you so desire.

  6. If I want to give my customers a choice in how they want their gift certificate delivered, do they get a choice?
    Yes. Your customers can choose to have you mail it directly to the recipient, or they can choose to email it to the recipient, or they can choose a certificate design, print it and give it to them personally.

  7. Can I give them the choice of buying specific services or packages?
    Yes. We've designed the snapcert, gift certificate to be easily customized so that you can add all your specific services, packages, specials and prices. Your customers can choose to give any of your services as a gift, or they can simply choose a dollar amount.

  8. Is it secure for customers to purchase through my snapcerts gift certificate system?
    Yes. is completely secure so you can have confidence in selling your services and your customers can have complete confidence in purchasing your services.

  9. How do I keep track of my customer orders to ensure that I have every gift certificate sold logged?
    We thought of this from the beginning. We know that you want to feel secure in knowing that every gift certificate sold is actually paid for, so we have created an administration area (management console) that is easy for you to use and you can see every order placed, who bought it, who it is for, and it has a unique code so it is easy for you to keep track of. You can even keep mark each GC off as it is redeemed in order to avoid a GC being used twice.

  10. Can our customers add gratuity with their gift purchase?
    Absolutely. Right after they choose their gift amount or services, they have the option of adding gratuity.

  11. Is it possible to match my websites color scheme and add my logo so it is clear that it is my gift certificate system?
    Yes. We have several generic design themes to choose from, and each can be customized to match your color scheme. It is easy to add your logo as well and can be done directly from your computer.

  12. How will the snapcerts gift certificate system connect to my website?
    When your snapcert, gift certificate is created, you will get a unique website address such as Once your snapcerts, gift certificate is created, you can link to it by adding your unique website address to the link. We also have graphical buttons that you can simply copy from your admin console and paste onto your website. We even have a button that changes automatically based upon the season and upcoming holidays, so your site will always be timely...without you having to do anything.

  13. I don't have room for another button on my website to link to snapcerts. How can I link it?
    We provide a simple icon or call-to-action that you can put on each page in your website that clearly promotes "Instant Gift Certificates" so that it is easy to spot. This icon is what is linked to your snapcerts, gift certificate.

  14. I have a website and would like snapcerts to look like it is a part of my website with my unique custom design. Is this possible?
    Yes. For a small additional fee, our professional designers will take your existing website design and mimic it in your snapcerts, gift certificate so that it looks like a part of your own website.

  15. How long has snapcerts been in business? Can I depend on you for a long-term relationship?
    Snapcerts has been in the making for some time and is a division of Visual Edge Design, Inc. which has been a leader in web design and development for salons and spas since 1999. We've been around for quite some time and we love what we do. In fact, we have many salons and spas who have been with us since our humble beginnings.

  16. I can see that the snapcerts gift certificates system is pretty awesome, but since I know my business best, I have some suggestions to make this even better. Can I share these, and if so, what will you do with these ideas?
    We've created the snapcerts, gift certficates based on ideas, suggestions and requests by many salon and spa owners. We definitely are interested in hearing what you come up with. Depending on the demand, we'll add new features quickly. The best part is, when we upgrade the snapcert, gift certificate system, it upgrades yours as well. So please feel free to share your ideas and suggestions with us.